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2017-08-18 19:24:06

I've heard from other people that running it in admin mode fixes it. I still don't know the real cause so if you find out more please tell me.

2017-08-18 18:42:27

Hi, I'm in trouble, the alt1 is on white screen when I try to use it. I am using windows 10. when i used windows 7 i did not have this problem, it only presents this problem in windows 10. how can i solve this?

Peter Winter
2017-04-11 13:27:07
Ilarionus wrote:


Today I have got a problem. I cannot see the window in my browser (mozilla) just when I minimize it (and just one moment). So how can I see the Al-1 Tab?

2017-03-15 19:05:47

I don't play osrs at all so i don't know about any osrs updates. I added the other clues on request and it wasn't that hard to add them. The person who requested it also supplied the graphics of the finished puzzles. I can probably add them without to much trouble if they use the same graphics and if someone posts them here. I have to say tho i'm very busy atm irl and my todo list is growing quite large again.

2017-03-15 16:44:11

Why don't you have any of the master clue scroll puzzle boxes like Gnome child??

2016-12-10 00:03:45

So i let windows troubleshoot compatibility and it decided to run in windows 8 mode(im running 8.1) i also selected to run as admin. Thank you

2016-12-09 10:52:52

It sounds like a firewall/antivirus problem. I've never seen it happen myself but i've heard that it doesn't happen in admin mode.

2016-12-09 02:20:15

I just installed alt1 and whenever i open any of the apps it just stays a white box. They are never populated.

2016-11-16 23:18:15

The simply open the app then you press alt+1 over them anywhere in rs. I use it mostly for clue scrolls, just right-click the and press alt+1 over the read or solve option and the clue solver will open.

2016-11-16 20:46:36

Is it possible to add that feature? I only ask because I normally have a lot of instances of alt1 open and lots of different alarms it would be very useful to have different/custom sounds for each.

2016-11-16 10:20:57

There is currently no way to do that

2016-11-16 00:26:50

Is it possible to add your own sounds for alerts for afk warden

2016-11-05 21:10:36

Ah that might be it I don't the exp counter on screen   thanks

2016-11-05 21:01:49

It should work, you should check your the "capture" tab in the alt1 settings. You also need to make sure that the runemetrics xp counter is visible on your screen.

2016-11-05 20:52:40

I can't seem to get the xp tracker to work.
Ever since alt 1 update
can it work with out paying for rune metrics?

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