Alt1 Updates
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Alt1 Updates

Alt1 Toolkit changelog

This log only contains changes that require an update to the installed Alt1 Toolkit. The individual apps are updated on a weekly basis and will load automatically the next time you open the app. Notable app updates are posted on the Discord server.

Alt1 1.5.6 Patch7 Sep 2020
This update fixes several long standing annoyances as well as a new bug introduced by the clue solver rework.

This change log only contains changes to files on your computer, there have been many other updates to the apps themselves in the last month which don't require an update to Alt1 itself.

Since this is a new update some antiviruses might give you a warning. Especially if you're using AVG/Avast, make sure it is not set to 'Automatic repair', this mode will delete files at random.


  • Added a warning when Alt1 is unable to function if RuneScape is running as admin.
  • Added a warning about capture when RS is minimized.
  • Made the incomplete reinstall warning harder to miss.
  • Updated the built-in chromium browser to the version 83.


  • Fixed some capture problems which were causing the clue solver to crash/freeze.
  • Fixed a memory leak with rightclick detection. You can now turn on rightclick detection again in the settings if you've previously turned it off.
  • Fixed a very rare bug that was causing the game to freeze on custom cursors until hard reboot.
  • Fixed the font size on text overlays under certain display scaling settings.
  • Fixed a freeze as computer wake after (dis)connecting a second monitor.
  • The stats app was some times opening on 'From [name]' instead of the name itself
  • Fixed some edge case problems with rightclick detection.
  • Fixed several other obscure crashes.
Alt1 1.5.5 Patch27 Aug 2019
This is mainly an update to fix right-click detection. Also includes a new browser version and some fixes.


  • Fixed right-click alt+1 hotkey detection.
  • Fixed right-click menus not overlapping alt1 windows. (way more problematic than it might seem)
  • Updated the built-in browser (chromium 75).
  • Fixed a technical issue with accelerated image detection. Apps were forced to build workarounds.
  • Fixed tooltips in apps. You will be able to see tooltips on teleports in the clue app again.
  • Apps now get more information about right-click menu contents.
  • Fixed a couple other small issues.
Alt1 1.5.3 Patch15 Apr 2019
Fixed a load of issues after the 1.5.1 threading rewrite. Also added two new apps.

New apps

  • Added an ability tracker app.
    • This app shows the expected damage for abilities that you use independent of rng or gear.
    • Shows a running average of your last 20 seconds expressed in 5 minute dummy score.
    • There is a special streamer mode to add this information on an overlay on twitch.
    • Make sure you have cooldown numbers enabled in the rs display settings.
  • Added a simple Angel of Death app.
    • Shows the kill order of the minions.
    • You can find this in the utility folder.

Main changes

  • Fixed Alt1 freezing when changing your desktop background (and other settings) after closing an rs client at least once.
  • Fixed alt+2 screen capture for people where it wasn't working.
  • Open apps on the toolbar are now fully independant of apps on a different client. This means that you no longer have to right-click to open the same app on multiple clients.
  • Added stupidly fast subimage search that utilizes specialized processor features (SSE/AVX). This will make existing apps faster and enable new features in apps that were previously too slow.

Other fixes

  • Fixed possible (rare) crash while closing rs.
  • Fixed the Alt1 icon not showing the correct number of linked clients.
  • A small version of the Alt1 toolbar will now show up in windowed fullscreen mode
  • Fixed apps scaling to the wrong resolution. (hopefully for everyone this time)
  • The app close button and other buttons weren't visible for some people.
  • Cleaned up more multiclient weirdness.
  • Pinned/recent app icons on the toolbar no longer get misaligned after clicking them.
  • FOUND THE OTHER STUPID FREEZE BUG. This one was happening since day one. Thx microsoft.
Alt1 1.5.2 Patch19 Mar 2019
Fixed a bug with DirectX capture in combination with display scaling.
Alt1 1.5.1 Release17 Mar 2019
Alt1 now natively supports multiple clients. Also fixed some timing issues and problems with the previous update.

Multiclient support and threading

  • Alt1 will now automatically add toolbars when multiple rs clients are opened, also rewrote a lot of logic with what apps are owned by what rs client.
  • Improved responsiveness by separating different components (into threads).
  • This fixes problems with app saved data that occurred since last update since you no longer need multiple instances of Alt1.
  • Overlays will no longer show above other windows when tabbing out.


  • Fixed sounds not playing in apps.
  • The alt+3 topmost checkbox now actually works! You can use it to make any window you want stay visible on top of others.
  • Fixed alt+3 thumbnail window positioning.
  • Fixed Alt1 not opening on a fresh install of windows 8.1.
  • Attempted fix for screenshot capture. (I was not able to reproduce this so this is mostly a guess)
  • The crash window will now also show if the crash happens at the very start.
  • Display scaling will no longer be applied twice to apps. There is a toggle in advanced settings to revert this in case it doesn't work on your system.
  • This update force-creates shortcuts that had gone missing with the last update for some people.
  • Many more fixes.