Getting started

First you have to tell DgKey to locate the map. You can do this simply by opening the map in-game, and then clicking the map button . A message will show that the map was found and from now on DgKey will automatically update the map whenever you open it.
You can do the same thing for the player list by clicking the the button with the dg ring while the party interface is visible. Loading the player list will automatically load the stats of your team and allows you to use the connect feature.

Connecting to your team

You can connect by simply clicking the connect button after you've set the party. The button will become green when you are connected. Connecting will keep your map and keys synced with other dgkey users in your team. You can also notify Your team of a location on the map by holding alt and clicking on the map.

Adding keys

Select a tile on the map and type one of the following key combinations to add a key. Keys should be placed on the ? room behind the door, this way it is clear what door the the key belongs to.
You can also press alt+1 while hovering over the right-click options of a door to add the corresponding key to the map.

grd for example, will add a green diamond key.


Several special keys exist as well

Your gatestone1Will add a gatestone of your color to the map, select your name in the party list first
Your second gate2
Group gatestone3
Guard doorgd
Bonus pathxGrays out a path on the map
Remove keyspaceRemoves any key