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2016-08-09 19:28:00

The bug where it doesn't remember your fps settings is fixed in 1.3.4, i released that yesterday.
I have noticed a rare issue where it some times doesn't update the fps correctly when you click rs, i'm not sure if you had the same problem but you can stop it from completely freezing by clicking any alt1 window or the tray icon.

2016-08-09 16:41:54

Another small bug with the FPS capping:

First of all, it only works on NXT. Unsure if that's a bug or intentional.
Anyway, in NXT, when I go to set the "max fps when not focused", it won't stick. It reverts to 0 whenever I close the settings. This is a bit problematic, since it basically causes NXT to freeze/crash on me if I just tab out.


2016-08-07 01:51:02

How's that fix coming? I do not use NTX, my app was set to DirectX NOT opengl, and the error message was popping up when my app was not even open. The only way I could get rid of the error was to restart my computer and it would still pop up so I was forced to uninstall the app completely. The app was working perfectly until the update which then screwed the whole thing up. I've been having a really bad time IRL the past few days and I just want to do a scroll.

2016-08-06 16:56:03

It looks like the same problem as i had during testing, i'll check it out later with some proper debugging tools. Working on some other problems that i really want to release today or tomorrow.

2016-08-06 12:54:06

ive made sure i am running one instance of alt1, im not sure if i was clear enough in my thred but ive reloaded the nxt client multiple times testing this. ive even restarted my computer.

lets see if i can try summarize what happens:

i load nxt with alt1 already running, log in to runescape and use alt+1 to show a friends stats
alt1 switches to desktop capture
close alt1 and reload it whilst keeping nxt open
alt1 switches to opengl mode when using alt+1, works perfectly.
close nxt and reopen, use alt+1, alt1 switches to desktop capture mode

this can go on forever. sometimes alt1 will just crash for no reason. i cannot see any other alt1 instances open in task manager.

edit: heres a video

2016-08-05 18:22:15

The first part of the problem sounds like you're running two different versions of alt1, or haven't reloaded your runescape client yet since the update.

I had a similar problem as the second part you described during testing, but i thought i fixed it. I will check it out.

2016-08-05 15:31:27

ok so i updated to the latest version that now has a fps limiter, really excited to have this feature.

unfortunately, when starting up nxt and logging in. if the limiter is enabled, using alt+1 on anything will switch it to desktop capture. this does not happen if the fps limiter is disabled. also like to note the fps limiter doesnt work also.

i can get the fps limiter to work if alt1 is already closed when i start up nxt. then when i run alt1, it will work. but if i reload nxt, it will break again.

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