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2016-09-28 19:17:03

great, thanks a lot smile

2016-09-27 15:37:59

I'll check the xpmeter, i had to rewrite most of it for the runemetrics update and i forgot about other languages. The rewrite does make it very easy to hotfix so it should be fixed soon after reloading the app.

Afkwarden is made to be as customisable as possible. You can create alerts like these your self. If there is a chat message when an imp spawns you can make afkwarden alert you by using a custom chat alerter (add alerter (2nd button) -> basic alert -> chat)

2016-09-27 13:18:59


I have following problem with the xp meter: it can't calculate any results, because I am playing on german worlds and there are numbers splittet with a dot, not with a comma. So i went on english worlds to test if that might me the problem - and it was. So maybe you can make it working on german worlds, too? That would be awesome, because I love it so much :)        (btw, before nxt it was working in german worlds, too)

I have another idea for the afk warden. You added that nice alarm to detect birds nests. Maybe you know the tree shaking scrimshaw. It gives a higher chance on birds nests and sometimes finds imps. Maybe you can add an alarm for the imps, too?

Thanks for reading & have a nice day!

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