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2016-12-13 19:51:43

Okay , today i logged on rs again and the clue solver seems to be working now....

No updates or anything on my graphics card, it just works. weird but nice big_smile

2016-12-12 23:43:25

well then , nothing much i can do rather than w8 for a new update from nvidia i guess. thanks for the reply though smile

2016-12-12 23:02:58

I checked the screenshot and there is some blurring going on there. It's kind of hard to see as most runescape textures are already blurry when you zoom in, but you can see that the image on the right has some places with very crisp edges where your's on the left doesn't. This is a lot more obvious with some other interfaces, but it couldn't find a good example.
I'm not sure what you can do about it. I don't think it's related to the runescape client or settings. It seems like some post-processing step done by your graphics driver or some other 3rd party program. I've seen the same thing happen when anti-aliasing is turned on in the nvidia control panel. The screenshot you send of the nvidia control panel does look correct tho.

2016-12-12 21:57:29

Edit :  ive tried every possible setting in rs too , nothing has changed

2016-12-12 21:52:39

Can you upload a png image of the clue (or any interface)?
You can use the web version of imgur to upload a png or use the upload page on runeapps.
Be careful with imgur as it will recompress the image to jpeg if it's alrger than about 1/4th of your screen.

2016-12-12 21:49:07

Maybe the new update jagex released for nxt messed something up? It was working just fine before although i haven't played for a little while now

2016-12-12 21:45:33

Great helpful images, all the standard problems are mostly ruled out.

I don't know what went wrong exactly. All i can think of is some render override happening in the graphics driver, but you have the correct settings there for as far as i know. I can't see from your screenshot if this is really the case either as it's saved as jpeg.

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