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RuneDoku Solver

This is a simple app to solve sudoku puzzles in the Rogue Trader 'minigame'. This is basically a way for ironman accounts to convert gp into high level runes. You need to complete the Rogue Trader miniquest to have access to this puzzle, there is more info on that on the Rs Wiki.

Click here to add RuneDoku Solver to Alt1

To solve the runedoku puzzle talk to Ali Morrisane in Al Kharid and use the shown chat options to get a puzzle.
Click the solve button on the app when the puzzle is open and copy the solution to in-game. Tip: Click a rune in the row of runes at the top of the app and an overlay will be drawn in-game at every location in game where you have to put this rune.
Click the open casket text in-game and select the buy runes option, this will cost you about 25k for around 50k in runes.

I don't plan to improve this app much more and i don't plan to make this an official release.

Ali Morrisane's location

The solver in action


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Re: RuneDoku Solver


the url for update "alt1://addapp/http://runeapps.org/apps/alt1/runedoku/appconfig.json"  gives msg from firefox "The address was not understood"

Where did i go wrong.   thanks

fix: under setting / Other check box Enable "alt1. links in browser.

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