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Additional Alt1 Apps

By default only apps from RuneApps are shown in Alt1, however you can install apps from anyone. This forums section is for third party developers to publish their apps. There are also several (incomplete) apps from RuneApps.

Tags guide
[installed] This apps has since been included in the default installation, the thread is left for feedback.
[broken] This app doesn't seem to work anymore.

All apps are ran inside a built-in browser in alt1 very similar to chrome. This means that installed apps will never have access to your files or passwords and in general can't do harm to your computer or personal data. As with any website be careful of deceptive content. Never give apps your password or install additional plugins.
Compared to any normal website apps can also:

  • See you screen

  • See when you last clicked rs

  • Draw shapes and small images anywhere on your screen

Apps will never run when they are closed.

For developers
Anyone can build and host apps. As mentioned before, apps are webpages and so are written in html/javascript. For more information about the API go to the development section.


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