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sheathe alert problem

I am having an issue with the sheathe alerter and I can't figure out why. You say the gear interface changes when beginning the fishing, but the stance never changes when I start fishing ( I am using a fishing rod o matic and have an offhand equipped). The problem isnt the detection because when I turn the character it detects the sheathing just fine, the problem is the animation never changes and it doesnt unequip the offhand or whatever is supposed to happen when you start fishing, as shown in the picture. Was this feature built on a bug in runescape where your off-hand was shown as unequipped when you start fishing in your gear interface? Is anyone's offhand disappearing when they start fishing? Is it just mine that doesn't disappear? Or is there a runescape setting I have to change?


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Re: sheathe alert problem

I also have this issue, the animation seems to change for every other skill other than fishing so its a RS issue and not the Alt1 client by the looks of it. Really annoying as I wanted to go for 99 aswell!

I will add that this is with the rodomatic, don't have access to the crystal fishing rod yet so don't know if that works.

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Re: sheathe alert problem

You might have to change your normal sheathe stance to be the other way around. It kind of depends on the activity if it forces you into sheathed or unsheathed stance.


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