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Developing apps for Alt1

Apps in Alt1 are simply webpages that are running in a special overlay on top of Runescape. The Alt1 browser exposes an API to make the more advanced features possible. There are also several library's that should help with making the apps.

Requirements to develop an app
Apps are webpages inside a built-in browser, as such you will need an understanding of how websites work

  • Knowledge of html, javascript and css.

  • A place to host your apps on the internet.

Libraries and recources

Useful links

Subject to change
Alt1 just went out of beta and the API has been neglected a little. Please post if you run into a problem before trying to build a workaround. Things are likely to be changed, so be careful to not waste your time by diving to deep into certain incomplete features.
In general it would be wise to contact me if you plan to do anything with pixel detection.

Image detection and generated code
There is a library for image detection, you will probably find that my apps use these weird walls of code and characters as input for this lib. These blocks are generated by a custom tool which I haven't really documented at all, so you would probably want to contact me if you plan to do something with it. http://runeapps.org/apps/random/imganalysis/

Installing apps and permissions
You can install apps by browsing to them in the built-in browser. There will be an 'add app' button on the top right if an app config is registered by the webpage. Clicking this button will create a bookmark to that webpage that is set to app mode. Alt1 will still behave very much like any other browser until the user enables the different permissions.

Alt1 is based on the chromium browser, this means that there is quite an extensive developer console. You can open this by right-clicking the settings spanner on the top-right, or by the 'dev tools' option when you right-click an app.

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