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Alt1 Crashing causing unresponsive RS client upon closing. (1.5.3)

Just recently updated to version 1.5.3 today and have come across Alt1 just crashing and locking my out of my RS client simultaneously. Can't click and only hear a Windows error sound. It's happened about 5 times today already and I've had to force close my client everytime.

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Re: Alt1 Crashing causing unresponsive RS client upon closing. (1.5.3)

Same thing happening to me, though it did happen once before in 1.5.2 patch (0 times before that). How I got it to replicate is I turned on instant replay (nvidia feature) and after turning instant replay off after some time (maybe ~2 minutes), Alt1 would crash and come up with an error report showing cpu capabilities then something about win32. Then giving me the only option to exit Alt1 toolkit. From there, anytime I click on the client the windows sound would play and like you said, render the client unable to receive any clicks or keystrokes.

The replication step does not always work but its the only thing I found to make this instance repeatable.

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