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Rotation predictor app?

So I've previously only really used Alt1 for skilling related apps such as AFKWarden, xp meter, etc.

However, I've recently started playing around with the Ability Tracker app and it's sparked some memories of an old WoW addon that I used on my elemental shaman for a while and I was wondering if the same is possible for Runescape.

Perhaps this already exists in some other form of application on Alt1, but I can't find it and the knowledge base and instructions for the toolkit aren't exactly crystal clear. Please tell me if I'm off-base.

The abilities that we have are fairly straight forward. All of the damage percentages of abilities are listed in the tooltips. Our Loadout tab in our Hero page lists all of our damage and accuracy. The Ability Tracker application is able to track the cooldowns remaining on the abilities that we're tracking.

Is it possible to leverage the Ability Tracker apps functionality and these above pieces of information into a small overlay that would suggest the next highest available damage ability that we can use?

I was thinking something along the lines of set the application to detect the abilities we want tracked (like Ability Tracker) > Open Hero Loadout screen so the application can gather our current damage > Then the application can see what abilities are on cooldown and calculates the highest damage ability available right now and suggests it by displaying only that ability icon.

Obviously this wouldn't be the end-all-be-all for increasing dps, but it would help for learning full manual rotations.

Is this something that's possible?


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