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Alt 1 text detection?

I've been trying to get Alt 1 to read messages properly so it could warn me about Seren spirits, but try as I might, nothing seems to work. Both capture and in game render are DirectX, the chat box is visible, spirits message not hidden...

I've tried disabling that pixel acceleration, I tried moving and resizing everything, turning everything off and on again... Nothing seems to work... I had it work only one login, and I'm not sure what it is I did differently because i didn't mess around in options or anything, I just turned the game off, and got a 'random' message... all logins before and after were disabled, with the timer 'stroke through.'

If it never worked, I would've just jotted it down to Java client limitations (Yes, I use Java client, can't run NXT cause of old drivers), but that one session where it actually worked kinda smashed that notion, so I'm asking here to see if anyone has any ideas what the hell's going on.

 Pic 1


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Re: Alt 1 text detection?

Can i get a picture of your layout in game a little better? I think it uses the button at the top of the chat to detect the chat box, so if thats not visible it may be the problem.


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