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Afk Warden

Having an issue with the buff bar, sometimes it works but then stops working when agro/ovl timer drops low. When that happens it fails to detect them after it goes below 60s. So I repot and it still fails to detect and only sees a few buffs and my debuff bar and reloading it doesn't fix it. Even restarting alt 1 itself doesn't fix it and it fails to detect. After this happens it also fails to detect loot beams until a complete reset. Randomly it everynow and again starts to detect the buff bar again for no apparent reason or pattern. I'm in legacy mode killing capsarius, if legacy makes a difference. I restart and it does nothing.. But randomly while typing this it started working again without any input. It is detecting my screen fine so I don't really understand. Anything that I can do/is this a known bug? I might try to reinstall alt 1 but my internet is very very very slow so that is hard to do haha (over 1 hour to download). Sorry for the book but I thought I would try to give the information that I could.


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Re: Afk Warden

There was an update to the buff icons a few weeks ago. This is the reason why it isn't working properly. The best alternative in the meantime is to use the chat tracker thing for when buff is about to expire for things like potions that alert you. Also remember that if you resize the chat box or the client itself you'll need to reload afkwarden for it to update where the chat is re-positioned. I hope this info helps.


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