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Having to right click game for alt1 to function properly.

Hello, I am using the NXT client and the latest version of alt1. Sometimes when any app is open it will not function until I right click my client.

An example for clues:
I open the clue solver, click on a clue, and the clue solver wont start. I have to either right click my client or select the 'unlock any' button. Also scan clues for me never work doing either of the
above (have to manually select map, scan, and then the right area).

An example for flingers:
For finding combos it will show the white boxes for the first one. I click on those and it won't update after catching a fish until I right click my client.

My capture settings for alt1 are on DirectX.

I do have to change to Desktop Capture for slider puzzles to solve as if I were to leave it on DirectX the white guide boxes appear way too slow, skipping some steps, and sometimes not even showing at all.

Not sure what is going on. I didn't have any problems for a long time and none of my settings have changed. Wondering if anyone else has had these issues and/or potential fixes. Thanks!


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Re: Having to right click game for alt1 to function properly.

Ok this is really weird.

I'm guessing it has to somehow be related to rightclick-capture. You could try and see what happens if you disable that in the settings (alt1 settings->window settings->"detect in-game rightclick menus ..."). But with the rest of your symptoms i guess that would just take away your sort of fix.

Another this you could try is opengl capture. If that doesn't work it probably means that the NXT client is running in compatibility mode. You can if turning off compat mode is an option for you. https://i.imgur.com/nMuYRrG.png. After that opengl capture should work.


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