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Fish Flingers Solver Finicky

I started using thr fish flingers solver and it worked well the first time, but after a few more run it seems to "act up" where it either rolls back to a previously completed step to drag me back somewhere, or get me up to a percentage like (randomly) say 83% then just stops and insists I keep using that bait combo. Another time I seen it give me the first 2 or 3 spots fine then just not understand i'm now catching the requested herring or whatever was next.

Any feedback or tips on this?
Also the tip for opening the "ratings" taps seems finicky too. I open it with a fair amount of hints sometimes, but it just gets only the locations but at the same time a message pops up saying it cant detect anything, even tho it just did. Unless that message always pops by design.

Thanks for the tips, Tips.

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