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AfkWarden Voicepack Female [EN]

This voice pack was made with high quality text to voice software so some audio strings might have slight stutters, speed, or pitch anomalies that are out of my control.
I tossed this together in about an hour and a half so I'm sure its missing things but it is a good start.

I'm not doing chime overlays yet but you can use the global alert setting for the same effect, for the default notification sounds I highly suggest the elevator chime.

All files are in MP3 format.

Idle alerts.
Health alerts.
Familiar health alerts.
XP alerts.
Chat alerts.
Notification sounds.
And more.

If you find a problem with an audio file let me know and I'll see if I can fix the issue.

Download v1 (MediaFire.com)

bakermiles wrote:

Original title: Can I post a link for a voicepack I made?

I made this female voice pack for AFK Warden... mostly because everyone was making fun of Stephen hawking telling me my health was low while dungeoneering, but I gave it a couple of different lines for common things and single lines for not so common, or things I'm not familiar with. I didn't overlay notice chimes or anything fancy but if you hook it with the right global alerts it sounds quite nice.
I'm sure its probably missing some good lines so I'd also like some insight as for what other lines could or should be added.

*No actors were harmed in the making of these audios

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Re: AfkWarden Voicepack Female [EN]

Yes, sure. Always kinda wanted some proper voice lines but never got to it.


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