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Image detection not working, but says it is

This is incredibly frustrating. I started playing RS3 again about a month ago and have been trying to get Alt1 working again and it will never work correctly for me. Ever since I installed RS3 and it, when I try to do clues, mainly using it to try and solve puzzles, it does not detect the window, yet I go into game capture settings and it says it sees the teleport button and everything is working properly. I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it multiple times and alt1, I have tried every option for capture, windowed, full screen, windowed full screen, everything I have the same results. Despite this however, this morning I opened Alt1 for the hell of it and lo and behold it was working 100% properly for me. Then the puzzle window closed and would not reopen, but said it was open. I rebooted my machine, reinstalled the game and alt1 and still when I logged back in and tried to open the clue solver, it just straight up would not open but said it was an open window, but every other part of alt1 worked. I then reinstalled everything again, and now Alt1  will open the clue solver but does not see the window, but says it sees the window. This is extremely aggravating I just want to keep doing my clues and nothing will work correctly.


This is what everything looks like right now.


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Re: Image detection not working, but says it is

i cant get anything at all to work for the app and nothing is working to fix it. im not a software dev or a coder, so im at a complete loss


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Re: Image detection not working, but says it is

I must say it is quite sad that i have had this problem for the longest time and still no fix. where are the devs. where is anyone.


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Re: Image detection not working, but says it is

This is a problem with legacy mode, it will work in normal ui mode


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