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Clue solver lagging and detecting wrong clue steps

I don't have lag issues with any of the other alt1 toolkit apps, but whenever I have the clue solver open my Runescape client lags a lot, with bigger delays after teleporting etc. The lag also makes it so that when the clue solver is on, opening a clue takes longer, and the clue solver app tries to automatically detect the clue before its loaded properly and always shows me the wrong answer until I manually click for it to detect the clue again. Is there any way to fix the lag or disable the app from automatically detecting the clue and showing the wrong answer?

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Re: Clue solver lagging and detecting wrong clue steps

Click the lock icon on the unlock any button to toggle automatic solving. Having it toggled on is not necessarily heavy on your computer so you might be able to fix it by changing configurations. The cause of the lag might be that you're in desktop capture mode.


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