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Familiar Inventory Alert, Delayed Alert?

Heyo so I would like to get 2 things to work with alt1 but couldnt figure out how myself yet.

1) Can I add an alert that plays when my familiars inventory is full?

I want to set it so I get alerted when my waterfiend familiar has a full inventory and I need to use the straight flush move and am not wasting materials that cant be gathered cause the inv. is full.

2) Is there a way to delay chatbox alerts?

I know you can set a delay timer for basic alerts but I couldnt find the same thing for chatbox alerts. I want to afk kreeara in GWD1 but I cant figure out a solution so a timer alerts me whenever it spawns again (or for a boss spawning again in general) - Im using a private instace with fastest spawns.
I thought about adding a chatbox alert for whenever I earn marks of war and adding a delay timer so the boss has time to spawn again and the alerter would be at least kind of synced with the boss spawn. that way i could at at least kill the boss afk until the 1h marks of war cap hits and makes it unable to obtain more for another hour.
any other tips on how to set up a boss alerter?

cheers and stay well everyone smile


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