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Drop logger misses random drops/kills

Firs off i wanna say, amazing app all around, i've loved using it for years, you are awesome folks and thank you so much for this excellent tool!

That being said; i encountered a small issue when using the drop-logger against almost any monster that you kill relatively fast. I have no real way of explaining it other than the log, the counter, nothing sees the kill. My drops log in game adds the drops, but the alt-1 logger just doesn't record it. I had not noticed this until i was 2 days deep of testing a good afk moneymaking guide i am compiling, but i have since scrapped all my data since i noticed this issue today. I DID NOT notice it on the first two days, i watched a few hrs of kills and the counter seemed to be working fine. It was only obvious on the 3rd day when my data was extremely skewed, i cannot seem to get it to work to count everything at all now, i am wondering if it's even an issue on your end or if it's with the RuneMetrics drop log just not showing the right information.

For the record, the monster has a 100% drop item that i have used to count the kills, enabling the 'count 100% drops' option within Alt-1, it would allow me to use the app to easily output a massive amount of info to a spreadsheet (another absolutely awesome feature, thanks btw) which has worked perfectly in the past for solo boss trips and mob farming.

I took a look using the search function, did not see any topics relating to the same issue. I thought i would bring it up just in case there is something there that may be able to be rectified. I wouldn't really know where to start, i know the droplogger is a rather complicated application back-end wise since drops are very all over the place. Ill finish by just saying thanks again for the great application smile


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