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Alt1 XP Counter cannot find interface.

Hey, I'm trying to use the XP Counter and no matter what I do the alert is crossed out and says "This alerter is not currently functional. This might be because it is still searching for the interface it is tracking". I tried playing around with all three types of capture settings as well as DPI scaling and the "better mode" toggling. On DirectX and OpenGL it tells me that it seems to be working correctly and that ALt1 successfully found the home teleport button in-game. I also changed my Nvidia settings to allow the 3D application to decide. After doing so, the XP counter worked, but I moved Runemetrics and I can't get it to work again.

Here is a screenshot of the layout of my Runescape: https://i.imgur.com/8ckourO.png
This is my Alt1 Capture Settings: https://runeapps.org/i/cmpu6


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