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App randomly crashes daily

I tried tracking down what causes this issue, but the crash.txt file has not been updated with any info in a while. The app thinks it is still running, but is actually in a buggy state.

Essentially, I'll boot up an RS3 client and notice that alt1 didn't snap to the title bar, but I can still see it in my task tray. If I click in the task tray, the context menu will appear, but freeze and nothing will highlightable or be clickable. I cannot exit or use alt1 because of this.

Workaround: Go into task manager and kill alt1 and restart the app.
Note that I cannot just open another alt1 and have it kill the other or miraculously fix the other because it gives me a message that I no longer need multiple instances open.

Would love to do whatever I can to help fix this issue because it has been bugging me for ages. It happened on my old computer (windows 10), and happens now on my new computer (happened in windows 10 and also still now in windows 11). I don't think I have any third party apps installed. Next time it happens, I'll record it. Not directly reproducible from what I have tried, just happens randomly throughout the day.


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