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Clue Solver Map Not Working

The clue solver map seems to be bugged. Every time it needs to swap maps it can’t, and there isn’t really a way to do so manually that I can see, so at the moment it can’t do any eastern lands compass clues.

Just to push the example, if the map is at mainland geilinor and I open an eastern scrolls compass clue, the alt1 map stays in geilinor.

Incidentally this seems to only be a problem with compass clues.

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Re: Clue Solver Map Not Working

The Arc is on the same map plane as the rest of Gielinor (it's at the extreme north) in the app now. Doing a compass clue as normal should snap it to the right area when you draw the first line. If you want the known locations, you have to check The Arc, then the known locations box (and uncheck The Arc, then check known locations to revert back to Gielinor).


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