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Alt1 - Possible expansion to farming timers?

I've been using the farming timers a lot recently and it seems like there are a lot of crops missing, particularly all those added as part of 120 Farming and a few others:

-All flowers
-Arbuck herb
-Avocado, Mango and Lychee bushes (also, bushes are listed under hops - admittedly I never really grow either so I don't know if there's a good reason for that)
-Ciku, Guarana and Carambola fruit trees
-All cacti
-All mushrooms except Morchella
-Jade Vine
-Money tree
-All Herblore Habitat crops

Perhaps a lot of these don't really need to be incorporated since they're just very rarely grown, but arbuck and the fruit trees in particular I feel are common enough to be worth having timers for. Is this something that might be possible?


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