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Trouble installing alt1

Everytime i try to install from the link
http://runeapps.org/downloads/alt1/Rune … pplication
It won't work and come up with the following error:

    * Activating http://runeapps.org/downloads/alt1/Rune … pplication has lead to an exception. The following messages for failed actions have come up:
        + Activation failed
        + The system failed to find the given file (Uitzondering van HRESULT: 0x80070002)

Sometimes i also get the following error:

Activating C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\Runeapps.Alt1.application has lead to an exception. The following messages for failed actions have come up:
        + U can not start Alt1 Toolkit from this location because it is already started from another location.
        + U can not start Alt1 Toolkit from location file:///C:/Users/Administrator/Downloads/Runeapps.Alt1.application because it is already installed from location http://runeapps.org/downloads/alt1/Rune … pplication. U can start from the location http://runeapps.org/downloads/alt1/Rune … pplication or delete this application and re-install from location file:///C:/Users/Administrator/Downloads/Runeapps.Alt1.application. If you decide to re-install the application, preference that you might have changed can be lost.

Can someone please help me?


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Re: Trouble installing alt1

You have already installed it. You can uninstall by going to control panel and selecting and selecting "add or remove program", you can remove "Alt1 Toolkit" there. This might be slightly different depending on your window version.
After that you should be able to install again.


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