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Zamorak attack order tracker

The app tracks the special attack order at the new Zamorak boss. The special attack highlighted in green is the upcoming attack.

Click here to add the Zamorak tracker

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In case the name of the attack is not familiar to you, you can hover over it to view the description (which corresponds to the description in PVME).

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If you wish to use the app on the german/french client, press enter (to chat) until a green box appears around your chatbox.
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Shoutout to the PvM Encyclopedia for providing the attack order, for more information about this boss, please take a look at their discord:

Disclaimer: Please use this app with precaution. Due to the nature of this app, it is very hard to find all bugs with regards to the attack rotations, and the predicted attack may not be accurate (even though it should be in 99% of the cases). Nor is the attack rotation fully understood yet with regards to special attack skipping. If you find any bugs, please provide as much information as possible such that I can reproduce the bug, i.e. what was the previous attack, on what phase, what attack was predicted, what was the actual attack, did you skip any mechanics, chat logs (can be found in the console), etc.

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