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alt1 is showing no apps browser is white

i recently tried alt1 for the first time, but i cant get it to work properly.
It is showing no apps and the browser is white.
i have googled the problem and it seems that the app can not connect to internet.
but if i type different adress to the browser it can go there (for example google)
i have tryed everything:
i uninstalled my antivirus
i have ran the program as administrator
i disabled windows firewall
i reinstalled app after that
i uninstalled and reinstalled windows (formatted drive)
i added the alt1 app and cefsharp to firewall exeptions even though it was disabled

i am getting not secure message when i go to the runeapps website when using google chrome...might that be the case?
any other thought?
is there a way to find out what is blocking alt1 program to reach runeaps website?

i am using windows 7 home premium 64bit

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