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Clue Solver displaying totally wrong steps


I was wondering if posting my issue here would help solve my problem. My Alt1 constantly shows very incorrect steps for some clues. This usually only occurs maybe 2-5% of the time. Typically, all clues are correctly solved. I have noticed the solver especially wants to send me to the chests in Dwarven Mine, and also to the 3 Lava vents in the wilderness. Here is an example of one incorrect solve. https://imgur.com/mmthXFf

My Interface scaling is 100%. Transparency is 0%. FXAA is set to on in RuneScape settings. FXAA is set to off on Nvidia Control Panel.

Let me know if I may include any other settings, or information that may assist.

Thank you for any assistance anyone is able to provide. Thanks for your time.

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Re: Clue Solver displaying totally wrong steps

Make sure there are no popups or anything over the clue interface, and in certain areas (ie. around the lava at the Ourania altar) it doesn't like the orange of the area. The clues it tries to send you to are the closest matches that the app can find.


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