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If this than that functionality to afk warden?

I had an idea for adding a new function to AfkWarden that would be helpful in some edge case scenarios and potentially other scenarios I haven't thought of yet. For me afking Div can be rather annoying as players on world 79 constantly empower the rift even when there is already an enriched spring active, setting off my text alert for it before it's needed, which bring me to the idea.

The Idea: Adding the ability to make an alert dependent on another alert, for example I have my XP counter inactivity, and my enriched spring alert, Being able to make the enirched spring alert only fire when my XP counter detects inactivity would allow me to ignore the extra rift empowerments of people wasting their chronicles, and atleast on world 79 I'm not worried about being inactive between enriched springs because there is very little time between them typically.

Another bonus Idea I had, which I was surprised this wasn't how text alerts worked in the first place, is to allow text alerts to build for example "Your Divine-o-matic vacuum has successfully collected enough divine energy to fill a charge" could be set as a text alert and set to like 1.1% roughly, so each time that message fired, the progress bar would increment that amount, so you could get notified when its time to refill your divine-o-matic, and I'm sure this has other applications as well.

I'm very amateurish at coding (very basic level with both Java and C++) but if there's a github page I could attempt to help coding these features, though I'm not sure how helpful I'll be as I'm not even sure what language alt-1 and AFK Warden are written in, but I'm not opposed to learning.

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