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Bugs with Anagram clues

Doing medium clue -- This is the second time it has provided the wrong solution..

Here is an image:



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Re: Bugs with Anagram clues

The truth is that I couldn't find all the characters in the font used in the clue, there are about 3 characters that aren't recognized yet and 'Y' is one of them. The app basically has to guess the best match for the text in this case and it guessed wrong.
I sadly can't use this image to update the app as it is saved as a jpeg even though it has .png in the filename. Jpeg images are really distorted if you zoom in on them.
I've been saving images of clue texts and I probably have all of the characters by now. It's a rather tedious job to update the detection code so I don't want to do it until I'm sure i can complete it.


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