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Automatic Drop Logger not detecting window.

The automatic portion of the drop logger was working perfectly fine, but when I went to Kree to afk for the night, it randomly just stopped working.

I have tried just about everything but the app continues to say, ' Detection Error: failed to find loot interface '


Things I've tried:

- Restarting computer
- Reinstalling Alt1
- Reinstalling the app itself
- Changing screen size, restarting alt1 after
- Changing where the window is, remove it from the nested area it's grouped in so it was alone
- I've even changed the Nvidia control settings to see if there was an issue with the sharpening as I know it was a problem with detecting the home tele icon in some cases.
- I've also played around with the capture setting by checking DirectX, OpenGL and Desktop Captures. I have also tried with both Override high DPI scaling detecting and Automatically toggle mode if a better mode is detected on and off.

That said, this is the only thing that isn't detecting the window; Loot Drop notification still reads the chat just fine, as well as the combo dps application reading the hotbar. While I know I can manually input the items I get, it's more nice that it's done automatically.


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