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Alt1 Toolkit Immediately Closing When Opening Any Tool

I downloaded and installed the Alt1 Toolkit for the first time last night, and have been experiencing an issue where whenever I attempt to use any tool in the toolkit (Clue Solver, Browser, Stats, etc.) the entire toolkit immediately stops running. I've dug around online to see if anyone else has experienced the same problem, and have checked a handful of "how to set up Alt1" videos on youtube to make sure all of my settings are correct, tools have proper permissions enabled, and the screen capture is working properly, all to no avail. I've also tried reinstalling Alt1 and the runescape launcher, as well as running Alt1 Toolkit as an administrator.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue, or has any suggestions on how to solve it? Apologies if this is a common issue and I've missed it in an FAQ thread.

Here is a link to a screen recording of this issue: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mvz9so … sp=sharing


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Re: Alt1 Toolkit Immediately Closing When Opening Any Tool

There was an update this week, make sure your antivirus isn't blocking Alt1. Especially AVG/Avast tend to delete files from your system without telling you, so if you have that antivirus check the logs and make sure it isn't on silent protect.


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