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What's In your Pocket?

Source Code: https://github.com/NadyaNayme/WhatsInYourPocket



Whats In Your Pocket? Whats In Your Pocket?

To install WIYP? copy & paste this link into your browser: alt1://addapp/https://nadyanayme.github.io/WhatsInYourPocket/dist/appconfig.json


  - Alert when Pocket slot is Inactive while in combat
  - Alert when Pocket slot is Active while out of combat

* You are considered "in combat" if you have an active target. You are considered "out of combat" if you do not have an active target.

Known Issues

  - Grimoire/God Book/Scrimshaw messaging is only updated when a chat message is detected. If you have an active grimoire and swap to a god book when you lose your target it will say your grimoire is active while out of combat. I won't be fixing this.

If you encounter any other bugs - please submit an issue and I'll investigate it.


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