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Runekit problems

I downloaded Runekit and have been having some problems with it and haven't found any info on how to resolve online. I have also looked over the Github installation, directions, and troubleshooting multiple times and still not sure how to resolve my problem.

I have it downloaded, and it has all the permissions, I have just been having trouble with it reading the screen correctly. I know it works because the logout timer resets when I move/login. But everything else doesn't.

Clue solver doesn't work, which is what I mainly want to use it for. (responds with "Couldn't find any clue or puzzle on your screen")

AFKWarden doesn't work, besides the logout timer. Everything else is crossed out and doesn't alert, so I believe its either not scanning the screen correctly or reading the chat correctly. I have changed resolutions a couple times, not sure what im doing in this interface, so a step by step dummy explanation would be awesome lol.

Thats about it, lmk if anyone has solved this or knows what I should do. Thanks.

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Re: Runekit problems

Go to System Settings > Displays > Hold Option  and click More space (probably works with any of the others too).
Check: Show all resolutions
Select a different resolution from the list, this will update the resolution on everything on your screen.

That's the only thing I've heard working for RuneKit, which is no longer maintained as it is. If that's not working, it's either something with your game or something else.


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