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Blackout solver.

This seems challenging to implement.

Blackout is the DG puzzle with the Green/Yellow tiles that comes in random arrangements. It's also known as "Lights Out": http://www.ueda.info.waseda.ac.jp/~n-kato/lightsout/

IIRC all solutions in RS require no more than 8 turns (I could be wrong on this). It would be nice to be able to solve the ones with fewer steps, or solve it until only 2-3 tiles need to be flipped.

I'm thinking Alt+1 on Flip Green/Yellow tiles to open a tool that allows you to left click an all-yellow (or all-green) board, so the user inputs the puzzle (takes 8~ seconds tops) then can click "solve" to see where they need to flip.

Currently I'm just using the link I linked to, but I think it would work well as an Alt1 tool.


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Re: Blackout solver.

I think this would be a lot of work for something that would be rarely used. There is no way to take input directly from the screen and even if there was, there is still no easy way to show where to click. In addition to that, there is often someone else in the same room also clicking away at the puzzle without knowing your solution.

With these puzzles I normally clean them from one end to the other until there are no moves left that reduce the amount of flipping, after that i'm usually left with 1-3 force tiles.
The RS Wiki has some useful info on the quick method, as well as on a complete (but slower) method.


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