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Minigame apps

A bunch of apps to assist you in various minigames.

These are rough ideas, can be changed/added/removed for convenience/practicality.

-Barbarian assault-

Reminder to call

For collecter maybe highlight the current eggs

For defender highlight correct foods

For healer maybe highlight correct food/highlight the player on the healer's interface who drops below 5k life points(in hardmode they can get dropped very fast and sometimes people call for medic too late. Also the flashing cross next to the player's name is very easy to overlook. the highlight should be a lot more noticeable.)

cant think of any for attacker to be honest....

-Pyramid plunder-

Highlight unlooted urns?

Possibly give an indication to the right door based on another player's exit..? maybe

-fish flingers-

a timer to alert you to the next game
(this would be really helpful)


...maybe an app that can detect a player acting too erratically...?(lol?) might be too complicated.

-Moblising armies-

6 minute alert for when to cannon.

For the few people that play competitively maybe a few additions to the minigame interface? current on is mess to use and confusing.

(I <3 this game)

okay so not a lot of people play it, but for those that do...

An app that keeps track of you opponent's command points perhaps based on turns passed/troops that he killed.

Keeping track of your opponents command list/cooldowns basing on his troops on the field and when he activates his commands.(squad resource limit is 500 so..should be possible to figure out potential command combinations he has in theory...)

-Cabbage facepunch bonaza-

uhhh...calculate best route across with least amount of damage..?

or highlight monkey minions and nodes

all i can think of atm


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