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Glitchy interface and crash

Alt1 has been glitched since I did that last update.

I open the program normally:

But As I move the cursor over the options, they become blank:

The clue solver (The app I mostly use) gets a white border over it, and the overlays don't work:

Settings also look really glitchy. I can't see most of the options/texts, but I can click on them:

When I try to move or resize the clue solver, Alt1 crashes.

I've already removed it from my computer, downloaded again and reinstalled. Nothing changed.

Any idea of what may be causing this, and how to fix?


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Re: Glitchy interface and crash

I've seen this happen while testing and it means that the main thread is unresponsive. I've never seen it happen without a combination of special circumstances tho, it's very weird that it happens right after installing.

Can you try starting Alt1 without having any rs client open? If that works go to settings>capture and change the capture mode to DirectX or Desktop if you're already in DirectX.

If that doesn't work you might be able to get it working by using the standalone version in this thread.


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