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Player profile improvement (Clan)

As a person who reqruit players to my clan it would be very helpfull if I could see what clan they where in and even their rank when I checked their player profile. Right now I have to use Runeclan or the ingame examine option (None of these are very good. The ingame will not help if player has private profile, and runeclan is just a pain to type every players name into...)

I know there is another app for this, can not remember its name and nor do I like it.

Thank you.

- Geeekie


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Re: Player profile improvement (Clan)

You can currently view their clan in the graph tab of the stats app, i like the rank idea and it shouldn't be that hard.
The player profile on the website still needs a bunch of other fixes but i'll keep the clan thing in mind if i find the time to start a project on that.


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