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Fish Flingers

HTML: http://pastebin.com/ryBkNfLi
JS: http://pastebin.com/hhdBFU6X
View: http://picpaste.com/Capture-n0sZUB7X.PNG
To run it you must also include your files such as: alt1lib.js, imagedetect.js, runeappslib.js, nis and alt1_css_2jun2015 
note: alt1 checks in start/clicksolve are commented out for testing outside of the alt1 environment.

Here are some mock-ups for the fish flingers app i decided to whip up. The only thing missing is Image detection to detect last caught fish and overlaying an 'X' in the minigame tab to indicate the combination should no longer be used.

Look forward to your response, let me know what you think.


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Re: Fish Flingers

I think i should have said something in the shoutbox because i also started this project, it's been something i wanted to do since the minigame came out, but i didn't know how at the time.

I mainly focused on the functional part. Image recognition is working now and updates automatically when you catch a fish. The app also interprets the rating percentages and calculates what possible combinations are left.
The todo list right now is having an option to add the pre-game hints and don't break down if they turn out to be wrong. I still need an interface and i'm planning to make some sort of combination suggestion feature.

I uploaded the image recognition code here if you want to use it.


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