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Fish Flingers App

This app tells you what tackles to use to find all the perfect combinations in the quickest possible way. Fish Flingers is a puzzle type D&D for fishing that you play together with others. W89 is the official world for it, the fc 2flingfish is used to work together to find the combos.

Click here to add Fish Flingers to Alt1

To use the app first click the 'read locations from screen' button while the ratings interface is visible. This tells the app where there are 2 fish in the same location.
After this the app will calculate the best combo to try and show this as an overlay on your screen. Whenever you catch a fish the app will read the rating and calculate the best combo to use for the next fish.

The overview tab shows all the known combinations.

You can enter hints to find the fish even quicker.


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