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Close apps on client exit, restore on client launch

I frequently run into the annoying behavior of apps sticking around after I'm done with my RS session and close the client, so I have to manually close them. And then when I relaunch the client for the next session, I of course have to manually reopen them because I closed them.

Could you implement behavior to automatically close apps when the client exits and restore the closed apps when the client is relaunched? I imagine this would be implemented as a per-app option called something like "Close and restore with RS", located under "Bookmark settings". Being a per-app option would allow users to keep around important apps, but not others, when the client exits. For even more control, the option could be split into "Close with RS" and "Restore with RS". The second would be meaningless and should be disabled if the first is disabled, but users could enable just the first for rarely-used apps that they probably won't need next session.

This simple option (or two) would satisfy most of my app use cases. But if you wanted to go further, you could consider making the condition for closing/restoring apps customizable. One possible extension would provide multiple client state thresholds: client exit/launch, logout/login, or lobby/in-game. A fancier extension would allow binding close/restore/open to arbitrary events, including client state changes but also AfkWarden-style events, like chat messages.

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