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Alt1 doesnt recognize Directx or OpenGL randomly.

Like the title says,

I went to use the clue solver one day and had a pop up  saying:

FluxBB bbcode test

Went to change it back and alt1 decides it doesnt want to recognize those anymore.. thats fine ill just use desktop capture mode, right?


In all modes even if I force DirectX when I go to click the alt1 app will just disappear and will not show up again unless I close the app and reopen it again.

Anyone have any clue what I would do?

I have tried reinstalling both the alt1 and runescape client, ive tried every setting I could think of in alt1 and no luck, and the fact that it just randomly happened one day is blowing my mind.

Halp. sad


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Re: Alt1 doesnt recognize Directx or OpenGL randomly.

I have the same issue, and desktop capture doesn't work for me either...


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