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Complex alerts or Manual resets for AFKW and sorting

As I have been messing around with alerts I noticed sometimes due to the audio clip of the bell having long dead times before and after the ding, which is fine if you are afking and not talking with people or just semi-afk. I decided to automate one of my alerts of when a manifested shadow orb spawns by adding a chat alert looking for "Your training has caused" and set the value to 100 and the action to reset the alert to be the chat message of "You harvest the manifested" with the value of 0. This works exceedingly well and led me to wanting to automate the resetting of more alerts without having to use the 'Reset after clicking rs' option since there is a chance that an action you take could reset the alert before the audio cue goes off. However there are many actions that can't be automated by chat actions, or would require the player to type out something and have Alt1 looking for that message.

With all that exposition out of the way I was wondering if you could add a option when setting up the alerts to either allow another alert to reset another or add a manual reset. One thing I wanted to automate would be in Runespan when a Yellow Wizard spawns you can get an alert, but since in order to get that alert you would need a chat message reader, but in order to reset it without using the 'Reset after clicking rs' option for fear of the issues you would need either a manual reset option or have Alt1 look for an xp drop or have it be on a timer.

Currently the AFKWarden has no way of sorting alerts after they have been created, it would be nice if we could drag and drop or have a clickable option to sort them.

Another addition that would be nice would be to add a overwrite button as you save a configuration.

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