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Alt1 bank value =D

would it even be possiable to have an app that would be able to add vaule of an item up using runewiki or ge values, x how many in stack then logs into the apps log ( like the in games drop logger)

would alt+1 (or assigned button) over item in bank, eg, 60k nature rune x 411 (current ge value) = 24,660,000 added to app log aswell as item name with a total at button aswell

just an idea dont know if even possiable


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Re: Alt1 bank value =D

probably not necessary with the bank rework coming this year


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Re: Alt1 bank value =D

I actually got quite far with this for the java client. The nxt client works slightly different from java and makes it a lot harder to do. By far the largest problem is not looking up the value like jagex claims it to be, it is recognizing the items. There are a ton of items that look very similar and they also look different between updates or depending on your graphics settings. There are 40000 different items now. There is also the problem that some items actually use the exact same model. Tectonic energies and ashes are quite bad in that (700k vs 200gp).

For now the project is on hold as I don't have a lot of time to work on Alt1 anymore, the new problems with nxt and i'm also kind of waiting to see what happens with the bank rework. I'm kind of expecting jagex to make it and ask money for it like the wealth elevator. I might pick it up later if that's the case.


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Re: Alt1 bank value =D

man, it's looking really good I hope a 1.0 can be out soon for maybe Slayer


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