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SSGT Semper Fi
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A genuine thank you!

Simply put, I would like to thank you for this beautifully amazing tool kit!
When used in conjunction with Swiftkit, it has facilitated everything I've ever wanted (creature comforts) in a toolkit, as well as things I never knew I wanted, or even thought of!
I whole-heatedly agree with Boxxybrown. You should offer some type of donation system, your efforts and time spent should not go unrewarded!

This toolkit is truly appreciated, as are you. I redirect everyone to Google your toolkit whenever possible.

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#2 2015-03-18 15:06:48

Random Person

Re: A genuine thank you!

I'm so signing under this.
Celtic Knot solver is just amazing!

#3 2017-03-16 12:19:02

rs addict

Re: A genuine thank you!

Thanks from me too!

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