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Droplogger addition: Darkbeast/Airut/'Other'/QBD Popup Addition

Hey there Skills,

Darkbeast: This is a creature with a high rare drop table rate as well as having some solid herb/adamantite/etc small drops. Being able to log these would be an excellent addition for money/hour as well as the stats track aspect.

Airut: Tracking this over long term gives good insight into spec brawler drop rates as well as an idea of how much utility/money you're getting from each task. They have their own selection of herb/rune drops as well as Razorback gauntlets that'd be great to track.

'Other': A fill-in-the-blank option for a few drop slots would be great. Being able to upload an item photo would make this option even -better- but even if it's just a blank box with a text name, e.g

[Chitin] Amount X - Price per Y

Being able to Alt + 1 a new item into the library would be great. (The name, the price being manually filled in is no problem) This would be way higher on my wish list than the Darkbeast/Airut addition and I think others would feel the same!

Last but not least, I do not believe Alt 1 for drop tracking works with the QBD drop popup. I'd love to see this changed if possible. I suspect it could be done along the lines of photo recognition like you do with the puzzles. The only issue I (as a non-coder) would see is the herbs may not be graphically different...not sure about that. Regardless, being able to hit a hotkey and have the WHOLE QBD drop recorded would rock. This includes things not currently tracked like bones and hide.

Best wishes,


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Re: Droplogger addition: Darkbeast/Airut/'Other'/QBD Popup Addition

I was thinking about adding lower leveled monsters to a separate tracker inside a new slayer app. This app would keep track of the amount of kills you've done and have left to do. I could easily add a much less cluttered interface here with only the rare drops. These drops would then show up in a list with the kill number and of course drop rate and value.

I like the idea of adding new drops by just alt1-ing them, but the log saving code is already quite complicated. Can't promise to much on that end.

You can use the 'use' option on drops in the qbd (and araxxor) reward interface.
Inventory icons are rendered in 3d, this means that they look different on different computer and graphics settings. I kind of want to stay away from that since the knot solver has proven it to be very hard to detect only 21 different runes.


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