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so is woodcutting sheathe stance thing broken or what

been trying to get this thing to work for the longest time and I still have no luck. the percentage never moves, and the only time it does move is when I right click around it to display the click here or cancel option. I have my item on sheathed because it's an actual hatchet instead of the one in my toolbelt. I tried to set the alt 1 on sheathed and unsheathed but I still don't have any luck trying to get this thing to work and its getting really annoying. I changed my transparency to 0 and to the max to see if it would work but it still would not work. 
can any1 help please help.

here is a screenshot of it



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Re: so is woodcutting sheathe stance thing broken or what

Alt1 only can do what you can do. Currently it's watching your equipped hatchet in that interface. When you stop woodcutting or start, according to what it's watching, nothing is changing. This is normal. However, if you click the "i" next to the sheathe stance alert, it will tell you that you need to have it be a 3d model in your equipment interface instead of the standard screen. This is done by making that interface larger.


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