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Mouse Disappears On Touch Screens/Audio Issue

Two separate issues here:

First issue is that I use a Surface Pro 4 to play, I noticed that when I use my touchscreen and tap on the settings cog in AFKWarden to change something, confirm it, my mouse sprite disappears completely on the RS client. The only way to bring it back is by closing Alt1 completely and reopening it. Does not happen with the trackpad, seems to be an issue with touchscreens. It runs Windows 10, happens regardless of tablet mode or normal Windows operation.

Second, the audio notification for AFKWarden goes away completely (same device) until I do the same thing above, edit an alert and confirm and then I get my audio notifications back. Usually happens when I close the client and reopen it.


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Re: Mouse Disappears On Touch Screens/Audio Issue

I don't think i can do anything about the mouse disappearing, it sounds like a windows thing. I tried googling it and apparently some laptops have fn + f-key hotkeys to toggle that manually.

For the afkwarden sound thing, this is a bug that sneaked from chrome when i updated the browser. Browser windows (apps) aren't allowed to play sounds anymore until they are activated. So just clicking anywhere in the app once will fix this. I'm working on an indication for this and this will probably be fixed with the next Alt1 update.


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