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Boss Text Alerts

I think adding an app that checks the chat for special text during bossing would be a great addition. For example, it could check the chat during QBD for "The Queen Black Dragon takes a huge breath." and alerts the user if it pops up, telling them to be aware of the fire walls. Now I know this could probably be done using the custom alert using the text, but quite frankly I have no idea on how to properly configure it to do so. Thanks for considering it.


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Re: Boss Text Alerts

Hey, didn't notice this post. However, I have been working on things similar to this in the app I have been working on (see development > PvM utility), while QBD wasn't one of the first bosses I had planned to support (started with the top end of the spectrum for now like Telos/AoD) I will consider adding it when I am done refining my current tasks.


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Re: Boss Text Alerts

you can do this already with the afk warden, just set it up to notify on chat message then set the message colour and what the message says.


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